my name is Kathleen and I'm a web developer at ReachMe NorthShore. 

ReachMe helps you reach more customers with Web, Mobile and Email. 

Please phone me anytime to discuss your requirements. I can build you a site - with integrated Web to Mobile business card, SMS, google map and more.

Phone me:  02 8011 4224

100% Free Listing on ReachMe NorthShore

If you are based on Sydney's North Shore, you are already offered a 100% free listing at northshore.reachme.com.au 

Please contact me and I will add your business.

ReachMe NorthShore Membership

Membership brings you new customers, and makes it easy for your customers to reach you anytime and for you to reach them.

ReachMe Membership Includes:

  • Multimedia Mobile Business Card
  • Full business page listing on ReachMe North Shore and get to the top of the search results
  • Mobile coupon(s)
  • Your own website (can promote your existing site) 
  • ‘SMS Me’ from web 
  • Google Maps integration, Google advertising 
  • Automatic customer subscriptions and referrals
  • Send mobile promotions in seconds
  • Ongoing local and national advertising campaigns